Case # 5 - Insecurity

Client comes in because he is depressed and feels he lacks self-confidence. He would like to do more with his life but doesn't feel he is up to it. Also has relationship problems. And he is unemployed and has no money.

In the first session we take a look at his self-image. His internal picture of himself is small and weak, and he reinforces that whenever he gets a chance. Instead we make a picture of how he would like to be and we give it the most positive qualities. We make it big and bright and so forth. We set up the direction of replacing the weak image with the strong one.

Next session he comes in and says that it worked for a while with the nice big picture, but his negative feelings get in the way. We do re-experiencing of those.

Next session he comes in and says he is very interested in past lives. We find a positive incident from a past life and he has a good win on that. We also discuss the subject and he is interested in the overall scope of what one can do, so we discuss long term possibilities and processing modules and so forth.

Next session he would like to work on lack of confidence again. We find some past situations where he had confidence and some where he didn't. We note the qualities of each of those memories. He becomes aware of how he gets himself into either state. Then we do a visualization of being loved. He got into a very pleasant state of feeling he loved himself much more.

Next session he mentions how he is getting himself down sometimes. We get into a polarity of Incompetent / Omnipotent. He is not very happy about recognizing the "incompetent" part as part of himself, but still he becomes more cause over it.

The following session some relationship issues had come up. We discuss the different domains and spheres of life. He gets angry when his girlfriend is messy. We find his strategy for how he gets himself angry. We find a more useful response and installs it with the swish pattern technique.

Then he comes in and says he would like to be more concentrated when writing. We find out the perceptual qualities he has of being inspired. Also he has been tired recently. We look for failed purposes and find that he isn't really doing what he wants. We find the perceptual qualities of motivation that he needs.

Next session we work on the qualities that control whether he is focused on something or not.

Following session I start with general processes from a list, since he doesn't know what he wants handled. We do a positive remembrance process. One of the questions are about things that are known, so we get into the discussion of how he knows things. We uncover some of how he organizes his mind. His past is behind him in "file folders". What he perceives to be known objectively is solid and without any auditory element. What he makes up includes a little voice that says it is not true. We use this information to configure as truth some more positive qualities for himself.

Next session we do some communication processes, since that seems very appropriate for him. He originates that he already communicates somewhat better after what we have done earlier.

Following session he brings up the subject of feeling guilty. It leads to a polarity called Mischievous / Subtle. It gets mostly integrated. Then we do re-experiencing of a feeling insecure. Then we work on his positive self-image to a very good result.

The next session we go on with general memory processes. Most of the tools he has been presented with in previous sessions are already now tools he uses by himself in his daily life.

Next session he brings up conflicts between business interests and friendships. We map out the hierarchy of values he is operating by.

Following session he would like to get help to make his plans happen. We work on rigging his motivation; having something to move away from and something to move towards. He visualizes the future he wants. We visualize the future as a timeline on the floor and I have him walk through it and experience what he will go through.

The final session we do basically a business consulting. I help him with tools for planning and administering business activities.

After that he succeeds in setting up a major global project he had been dreaming about over the last few sessions. He moves out of the country and follows his dreams. He is too busy to think any more about sessions.

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