Case # 4 - Drinking

This client comes in asking to handle relationships and depression.

First session is mostly spent finding positive aspects in her situation. She hadn't thought of the idea of herself being cause of her situation, and that it could change if she accepted where she was at. First she talked of it only as effect, how she was "getting hurt". We mostly do dialoguing and reframing to move things in a positive direction. Then to end off I have her visualize how she would like to be in the future. Again, that sets a direction.

When she comes back for the next session two weeks later she had been doing much better. She had opened up with her boyfriend and talked about things like they hadn't done before. We then get more into talking about their relationship. She is uncertain about whether to be controlling or passive. We find a Female / Male polarity and run that through a polarity integration. She is really excited when they integrate.

Third session two weeks later we take up her ongoing problem with drinking. First we reframe it to having a positive intent. Then we do entity processing with the part of her that wants to drink, giving it more choices of what it can do. Then we visualize a future where she can be relaxed about drinking. We do an imagination process of having the desirable future come towards her, getting bigger. She feels very good and relaxed.

Fourth session. Her drinking problem is much better. Now she is only drinking when she is angry. First I work on pinpointing the perceptual distinctions of the feeling of "needing to drink". But then it turns out to work best as a polarity. We take up a Reckless / Nurturing polarity. It gets pretty well integrated. Then she originates that she would like to change profession and do something else. I work on reframing her limitations in that regard. We end by visualizing the future where she does what she really wants to.

Next session is 8 months later. She originates right away that she hasn't been drinking when she was angry since the last session. But she is now kind of frustrated with her work and with spending a lot of energy helping others. We do dialoguing and reframing, changing it into that she can be most valuable if she does what she really wants to. We visualize doing that. She is very excited and walks out to make plans for major changes in her life.

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