Further Ethics Comments

The desire for conduct a,b,c...n is not the criterion. A personal judgement that one is acting for the benefit of those concerned is the sole criterion.

Trying to control conduct is the world's most popular abuse of Ethics. Ethics has nothing to do with what other viewpoints think about you It has only to do with your choice of action or motion or communication, and your will to ignore certain possible actions, motions or communications.

Trying to use this to make Ethics into 'license' is totally contrary to the point; the two are entirely opposite. The assumption of any responsibility or role implies a beneficial exercise of that role to those connected to it.

This is not play acting; but it is essential for the holder of any role to know he is OPERATING an identity, and to not merely be swamped in it. Within the role are decisions determined to be relevant to the role: when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em, when to walk away, and when to stay right where you are in spite of hell fire and brimstone.

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