Forms and Sources

Life is a series of encounters between a simple pure bottomless boundless reflective pool, called You sometimes, and forms of infinite variety.

The level of interaction within which most individuals operate demands the belief that one is (or at best is operating) one of these forms, called an identity, and is more or less attached to another called a body.

Operation also seems to demand the belief that one is surrounded by comparable beings operating forms, and that their originations have an influence.

However, the belief system that calls into experience the interplay of forms is itself a form, and therein lies a strange tale. You have heard this tale from your parents and have muttered parts of it to yourself in every waking and sleeping moment. Everyone you know is engaged in re-telling it and contemplating its plot. We forget the bits in order to discover them again, and just now we have forgotten how it began.

Here is a strange tale indeed. Who, now, are you listening to, telling it again?

# # #

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