The Quest for Ethics

From time to time a face of consciousness focuses its attention on the question of Ethics -- what it is, what it means and whether it can make any difference to an individual life as a question.

Ethics is not an obscure philosophical issue. It is an effort to reach the insight necessary to fulfill the promise of Game (whatever game that is). Without it the entropy of the material structure takes over and lives decay.

There is a hunger for energy that exists in the absence of Ethics; in its presence, the alignment between primary purpose and all action and communication is so complete that a fountain of energy invests in each view and each viewer. Why this happens is a curious question; actually perhaps there is no reason why life force should reduce its energy when it "divides against itself". If it didn't, it would probably feel impotent, though and would have all kinds of judgements about that, since making something happen is the core of life, apparently.

But where do we find the bright trail of maximum benefit, certainty in contribution, knowledge that we are benefiting more than harming?

There is a sort of gold bell that goes off with the certainty of clear ethics; a clarity of sight which cannot be undermined by argument, nor watered down by reasonable but corrosive suggestions. There is no external guide to this trail. It has the simple effect of reflecting one's own truth and is only visible from one's own sense of truth. Apparently it depends on the connection between your own created truth and your experience. Hence, it is also known as integrity, meaning wholeness between what one has created and what one is being.

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