A Thought Experiment

You have finally succeeded as a writer in clearly and articulately putting your whole philosophy on paper, after years of thought and effort.

The result is a pristine, beautifully written presentation of every important belief and insight you know of, coherently formulated and wellwritten with excitement and elegance. It is the ultimate synthesis of all your conscious processes from this entire lifetime and it contains everything you believe to be true, without exception. You have written the perfect book of your own mind at every level.

Through some mysterious process of cultural linkage, another writer has -- through his own efforts -- simultaneously produced the same manuscript, which he presents as the summation of his own thought processes for decades, and the product of years of work, emotion, thought and effort on his own part.

By some sort of miracle inexplicable to most, the two documents are perfect duplicates, from title to end words. While there is no cogent explanation readily available, you are still faced with the problem of copyright, ownership and royalty agreements, because both documents have ended up with the same publisher, at the same time. The two MS's are identical except for the author's name.

As you sit in conference with the editor and the other writer, whose mind and pen have so strangely and perfectly duplicated your own, the thought presents itself that he must have somehow, telepathically tuned in to your thought processes over the years, picking up your very words.

Considering that no explanation other than such a telepathic link could explain the phenomenon, what is it that persuades you that it is he who has duplicated your thoughts, rather than the reverse? What impression would you have of his personality? What impression would he have of yours? And what beliefs would account for these impressions?

# # #

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