Time Bundles and Space Warps

Let us observe timebundling, the process of asserting identities of class.

A rose, not any rose, is not rightly included with any rose.

The integration of consciousness includes liberation from sameness as well as from differences. Judgment, which tends to create space and separateness, can also be used to create association.

Time bundles come from a belief in the sameness of duration, or sameness of moment: we are all here Now, at this moment.

Outside the frame of existing things there is no sameness of moment.

But to have " a viewpoint " requires one engage in time bundling and spacewarping in order to define one's viewpoint (or does it?). Spacewarping, the first cousin to timebundling, is the assertion of the belief in objects co defining dimension (we are all here; space is contiguous around allthatis). Space warped into this connecting, and time bundled into this connecting, gives rise to the lie of Viewpoint.

If any particle of any perception were fully admired, lovingly experienced in every vibration or amplitude, it would not be associated by space, time or category.

These -- space, time and category -- are crude, lumbering opinions pushing every creation into being part of a larger universe (which is unso).

The linking or bonding of points of perception into apparent solids, dimensions of space and time, etc., is the basic resistance.

Tie a man into "being one of that mob" (or class or group) and you have resisted him with the labeling.

Tie an instant into being part of a moment, or any time system, and you have resisted its creation.

Tie a point into larger spaces and dimensions, and you have neglected it as its own creation.

This gathering of reality points into fabrics constantly weaves the massive tapestry we call Time, Space and Energy.

Hypothesis Wizard Technology to bring in an apparency, tie together reality points. To dispel a reality, disconnect those associations.

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