Levels of Consciousness

Levels of consciousness, then, are relative to identities, populations, and structures of NotKnow. The transition from one to another, usually perceived as relinquishing a resistance, is accomplished by Willing to Know.

This is how channeling works. It has nothing to do with spiritual beings in the usual sense, but rather with a facet of consciousness transcending its usual NotKnow boundaries and establishing a narrowgauge channel of willingness to know. The narrowness of gauge makes it into a communication line, taking the form of messages or automatic writing or some such. If it was a broadband willingness to know it would probably result in a kind of enlightened silliness on the part of consciousness, not unlike the end phenomena of various "enlightening" processes.

Psychic abilities in their working manifestation derive from the same willingness to know.

Confusions on the psychic front derive from our cultural obsession to manufacture data, which has nothing to do with it. Since the difference between knowing and evaluating data is not much practiced in this society, knowingness induces the automatic creation of data (what Ingo Swann calls analytical overlay) and this occludes the correctness of the knowing.

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