Structure of UnKnowing

First, it should be mentioned that levels of consciousness are not discrete quanta like preEinstoid atomic shells. More likely they are relative both to "identity", and to the collection of created costumes and impressions with which consciousness peoples the universe for any one identity.

They are perhaps also relative to structures of Unknowing   towering architectures of ignorance, systems of disbelief.

For any identity there is a hierarchy of NotKnowing. For example, a "bleeding heart liberal" has a structure of unknowing including the reality of consciousness' invulnerability, and also unknowing of the socalled "evil" in some men's minds. His opposition, say a rednecked militarist, has a structure of unknowing the nature of human suffering, the cultural depravity induced by militaristic myths, and the roots of his own destructive psychoses.

The poetess struggling to make ends meet on her inheritance has a structure of notknowing about making things happen, about investing at better than 11 per cent, about managing her finances and about the futility of words. The ravenous L BO financiercumyoungTurk knows not that the heart hears songs long before the mind counts profits.

Any belief system, then, has its Unknow system. Discovering what should be unknown about reality uncovers the cores of resistance. "I have no idea about ______". "X is incomprehensible". This uncovers a working approach in listing "subjects you would like to know more about"; when one finds a subject and releases his resistance against the found item he blows off a key resistance to knowing.

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