Knowing The Way Out

One aspect of the universal appetite for limit, resistance, individuation and lowered states of affinity (lower meaning enthusiasm on down), is the wonderful bipolarity of knowing and notknowing.

Resistance is a transition from knowing to notknowing. Willingness to experience is willingness to know; it extends to the limits of any reality within which consciousness feels, comfortably and willingly.

The kinds of feeling consciousness is willing to do is a reflection of what consciousness is willing to know. At its borders, consciousness modulates from the creation of Know to the creation of KnowNot.

This modulation is one of the great miracles. It is deceptive because, apparently, KnowNot is usually knowledgespecific. In other words, it has the form of a decision not to know "X".

Now, I ask you, how can consciousness decide nottoknowX without first having a clear perception on the X that is to be unknown? Yet apparently this is exactly what occurs. At the level of consciousness immediately above that of current identity, X is known, tagged for NotKnowing, and immediately translated down to "currentidentityperception" range as an unknown. As such it can be pursued ("let's work hard to find out X", as in the march of science or individual lessons of life; or, it can be neglected, as in conclusive ignorance or "I donwannaknowabout it".

There is a clue here to the transition between levels of consciousness.

# # #

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