Exercises In Authorship

Assume for a moment that you are a grand master of dramatic, vivid writing, and that everyone you know has read and applauded your great works of the pen.

Assume, for a moment, that your entire life as you currently know it to have been, was your first novel, now just a memory in your career.

Looking back over that first great work, which chapter of it was your worst, or most disappointing creation? Which chapter was the best creation? Which section of the work most vividly promised the great creative career ahead? Which section would you most like to rewrite now? How would you have it?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, life follows fiction; it is a byproduct of the very energy that our most vibrant fantasies and dreams are built of.

The above story is true; only the nouns have been changed to protect the conclusively unknowledgeable.

Tendered with love, to you who reads beyond all lines.

# # #

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