Three Power Conference

There are three powers in any person, in any combination of people, in any pattern of life.

First in the eyes of most people is the power of reality. Reality power is command of what is real, whether through management, force of effort, mechanical invention, financial control. It is the power of perception with certainty of reality. Wizardry is the ultimate form of reality power.
Scientific certainty with control is the modern age's best substitute.

The second best known is the power of communication. Power pursues the paths of maximal effective communication.

Suppressing communication increases control but often undermines power, as evidenced in the economic history of the Soviet Union from 1955 to 1988.

Freeing communication to the maximum can bring about some astonishing changes.

Individually, the formula best known for the resolution of "problem" is "communication". Advertising, marketing, sales, production, management, marriage, family strength, and community life all stem from the power of communication.

Third best recognized is the power of affinity, love, the will to experience other as one with self.

Love power is something mystical and magical to many. Those who have the actual high power of love tend also to be the best at communication, simply because the barriers to communication dissipate in the presence of high, strong, outgoing affinity. The use of high affinity tends toward the creation of positive new directions of reality and communication.

Different sages in time have elevated each of these powers to primacy. The simple truth is they are all faces of the Source power, the unadulterated power of consciousness. But knowing them each as the wholly important thing it is can make understanding come about in many places.

Reality. Communication. Affinity. Between the three you can map exactly what consciousness is doing at any moment.

Each is a primary creation from the seat of awareness. Each can be considered as a secondary creation when it occurs counter or extra to another primary one. But each is a benchmark against which the history of the world, or of one life, or of one moment in an eye, may be measured and known.

"Reality" is a byproduct of consciousness' exercise through the endless filters of belief. "Communication" is the result of created motion returning to a created viewpoint through the filters of created belief. "Affinity" is the selfimposed frequency of consciousness modulated by belief.

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