Beyond Resistance

The core to all positive and negative experience is in selective resistance.

Persistence, honor, justice and truth, perception itself, and understanding of people and things, all occur on the field of resistance, much as all movies play on the same kind of screen. If you are being the field of phosphorescent reflectors that make up the screen, any show in town will bounce off you if it is in a certain spectrum band. And shows you might prefer won't manifest because you are not projecting them (being a screen and not a projector) or are wishing them into existence in a frequency band which you cannot reflect to the world, being a light-frequency screen.

Crime, passion, abuse, regret and horror, abnegation of self and the human species, hatred and violence, sorrow and pain, all occur on the field of resistance. So do triumph, exhilaration, discovery, love and the joy of ordinary living.

So the fact of resistance per se is not the problem in the game; the problem comes from power of choice as to what to resist and how much to resist it, deteriorating into "auto resist".

Autoresist, the mechanics of uninspected and unchosen resistance, has its roots in fully chosen and knowing creation, but does not appear to.

Uninspected and unchosen resist lies behind, for example, the persistency of material limits and conditions. It seems too to underlie the experience of always waking up associated with the same identity in the same situation, with creations that only materialize in thought but which elicit no compliance in material form, and so on. Auto resist is the common denominator of all psychosomatic emotions, pains and illnesses.

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