Persistent Limitation

A limitation can persist even when it seems one is not creating it, but somehow experiencing it anyway. This comes about when the individual is not creating the limitation from his own viewpoint, but is creating another viewpoint to create the limitation from.

A simple example is relieving a chronic physical limitation by discreating all the doctors, friends, sympathizers, people on the street, similar sufferers, etc. who have subscribed to the limitation.

Similarly, a novice student can have trouble discovering "I create it all", because he is being the product of creation (a smaller "I" ) and of course as such does not create it all. The word "I" has some tricky connotations because in many cases it can mean the thing one is identified with, until that vital, essential shift has occurred. An example would be continuously creating one's parents, each of whom has a limited, perhaps critical, idea of the "person" who is their "child"; yet it is that person who is continuing in the present to create the parents-creating-the-child in her system of beliefs about who she is.

The "stack" of identities, like a package of Japanese nested dolls, carries with it the generation of strong limit at the edge of each one and a universe of viewpoints, costumes and auxiliary identities which observe and feedback to each one.

Level to level one could continue the peeling off of found identities to free himself from the creation of an agreeing population contributing to the persistency of that level's identity.

For example, have you any impression, as an enlightened being, of the limitations which other enlightened beings see in "you"? Erase your impression of your coequal identities, at whatever level of identity you find yourself, and the path to identitylessness accelerates.

Why is this desirable?

Simply because the true power of causation and creation and shifting the galaxy derives from consciousness in the raw. With any identity, you are less, because an identity by definition is a limit of awareness, a limit of experience, a limit of Know.

The fear often felt by those contemplating dispensing with their current identity is the rumbling of the denial zone at the edges of "I am this". Denial zones, with their "bad" feelings, is the sure sign of the path out, the milestone on the road. Embrace them as exhilarating proofs of passage.

The heart must bring forth the courage to undo the identity, as the heart (the seat of Conscious and Feel) burns to discover its real power back again. Thus the heart will conquer universes, flooding them with consciousness and, by natural concomitant, with love.

Consciousness + the idea "I am" = Identity.

Consciousness + "Feel" = the solvent of Identity.

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