The Anatomy of Resistance

Resistance at the low end of the spectrum, that of physical effort, manifests itself as unwillingness to DO something. In seeking to assist another with a problem for example, a wise person will intuitively point out the fact that the problemee is avoiding certain efforts, thus making the problem solid. Example: the effort of communicating an embarrassing truth.

In consciousness above the effort band autoresist (or any resist) is a manifestation of a core impulse of NOTBE, which can apply to any form, thought, identity, condition, concept, assumed or imagined in any universe real or otherwise. Whatever it is, there is a creation X such that consciousness as experienced is involved in asserting "NOT X!".

It is possible on this model that the persistency of the identity who awakes in the same bed every morning wearing the same body and persona derives from the resistance of the world of dream, illusion, limitless creation and freedom that lies, for many, on the other side of a denial zone called "going to sleep". Like any denial zone "going to sleep" is a compound of decisions not to know one reality, with its parts and packages, in favor of another.

Without the "NOTKNOW!" assertion (which also takes the form of asserting the reality that is NOT X) there would be no unconsciousness connected with the whole reality called "sleep", "dream", and "wake up". These shifts of consciousness would not be cut off one from the other, and the veils that separate them would be translucent.

Asserting that the world as you perceive it when you are awake is the world, while the one you fool around with when asleep is simply an escapist gameparlor of unreality, is one way of guaranteeing the NOTKNOW! of X so one will never be accused of BEING X. (Be anything BUT creative, imaginary or deluded.) Yet the highest creative power you know is unleashed in that "unreal" world, ironically enough. We continue in being something that will not have that ability range to the degree that we "unbe" and "unknow" through the veil.

Thus resistance seems to be a compound of the impulse "NOT KNOW" and the impulse "NOTBE". When these are undone with compassion and tolerance, life takes on a new flood of sights, meanings and possibilities.

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