The Belief in TwoWay Communication

There is a deeprunning belief in the human condition that twoway communication is a vital necessity, without which the stuff of life wanes and sickens.

Under this belief is a premise: one is a self, bonded to the creations of his own viewpoint and must parallel the distances and flows of the universe by communicating about his creations and limitations before he can view them. Thus, processes which invite the viewpoint to describe what he is experiencing bring the viewpoint to be able to resolve the parts of that experience. And this is effective technology within the limits of the human condition.

It is as if to be human one must believe that he needs to send his creations -- including all his considerations about his situation and identity -- out to a listener in order to view them; without the listener he cannot stretch enough to see what he is involved in.

This is perfectly true if one also believes that he is bonded in to creations, and that he cannot himself entertain his own communications and creations well enough to know them; in other words, can't feel

This is somewhat analogous to believing that one can throw, or maybe catch, but never juggle even one ball at a time.

The limiting belief that it must work this way is of course the dividing line between doing successful creation and running all creative efforts inside a subpattern of belief generated energies.

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