Notes on Wizardry

To permeate the persistency of mass conscious structures, including the structure of material reality, requires an unending sense of causation, responsibility, and free knowing of the beliefs and viewpoints which make up that structure.

Pandeterminism through a set of viewpoints Vn will allow causation over all phenomena mutually held by that set of viewpoints.

Beliefs which define the limit of one's viewpoint also include beliefs of separation from other viewpoints in the set in which one believes he exists and operates.

"I am one among many X's, and cannot therefore be another X." Thus humans balk at monitoring the beliefs of other humans and those who are "among enlightened beings" have trouble taking over the viewpoints of other equally enlightened beings, and often of the comparable but opposite group "unenlightened beings" (there is no such thing as an unenlightened being, by the way). There are moral codes that spring up against intending on behalf of another, which grow from too many abuses of justice and too many withheld communications. A free heart, communicating openly, has about as much inhibition about its causation through any and all identities as a fair summer breeze has playing among the afternoon shadows.

As long as one defines oneself as comparable to a created "other" one will limit oneself in knowledge, responsibility, and therefore control.

A list of the beliefs which add up to "we're all in the same boat" and "me and them" could be drawn up and erased as a handling of limitations. This would open the path to causation over time, energy and matter.

The assumption that "all these other viewpoints are creating realities that persist because they all agree on them" is only true because one is creating other viewpoints and viewing self as "comparable" by reflected attention off that creation. This is just another form of (create + desire)/(deny + resist), using population as a medium instead of some other form.

The way out of this lies in the fact that infinity approaches zero; the closer one comes to truly being Zero, the closer he comes to being able to at will permeate an infinity of points of view.

"Cause distance effect" is a deceptive apparency; behind it is "causecausecauseetc."

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