If 'It' is All Know...

If, as seems unavoidable, the ultimate analysis of all apparency is simply postulated 'know', and thence that all communication is in fact done by telepathy, then the original essay on 'Two-Way Communication' seems more true than ever. But the belief which gives rise to the need for Two Way Communication is not a single belief, and writing that essay did not change the fact that there is nothing healthier in human living than good, live two-way communication with 'another'. We may as well confront that, regardless of any high-toned philosophical hy-PO-theses about it, Jack.

But there is a paradox -- in fact a series of them -- involved in this shift of levels from interaction to pan-action. It is an experiential fact that aberration is directly proportional to the unwillingness t give and receive help; and the unwillingness to find gentle effects given and experience a wide range of effects comfortably; and the unwillingness to give and receive two-way communication, defined as the interchange of alternate causes and effects over a distance between two viewpoints. When one will not communicate, help, give and receive effects, there is serious twist present in his thinking.

This is an example of a low condition (the only-one syndrome) mimicking a high-level harmonic. Because the lower scale person has turned all terminals invisible, shut off the lines and painted the space (in which he continues to create them without acknowledging it) all black. He may even lay over the blackness some invented false conditions to entertain himself, which accounts for some phenomena of 'discreating' that accomplished naught. If you aren't EXPERIENCING THE ACTUAL creation, but have blacked it out with screens and overlays of synthetic reality, and tried to discreate some cartoon version of the actual with all the sensation and pain carefully left out...how far will that take you, bubba?

The HIGH-LEVEL harmonic of this 'necessity to communicate but refusal to' condition is a complete awareness of knowingness above any need for terminals. This is the state that gets mimicked by false enlightenment which does not manifest in freer perception, more understanding, and more personal freedom and power.

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