What Awareness Is

Awareness is not exactly a quality, except in the use of it. The immediacy of it is so vivid and alive that it is strange to try and define it. Of itself , it certainly has no location except to the degree it decides to have location and view from a location it has 'knowed' into existence.

It mirrors all frequencies, and of itself has none. It has capability, but no energy in the normal material sense of the word. In the normal material frame it does not 'exist' or 'not exist', being the nothingness behind all somethingness.

Before you Named your Name or claimed your position in the ranks of beingness, you were and are, forever, an immutable awareness, an Aware Will without Time or Form.

When we talk about the dynamics of awareness we are talking, then, about You. Specials yet the source of space; timeless yet the master of all times past or future; without intrinsic energy yet able to create and perceive any energy, the Aware Will is unique in its signature from individual to individual. And loving, creative, understanding and of free mind. It has other qualities which lie deep in any 'personality' it may invent: courage, justice, perception and play are senses that accompany it from the highest to the most entangled state.

It can be degraded by the enforcement of lies, being convinced it must do what it is already doing, or that it must do what it would not do on its own determinism. But degraded or not it is still awareness and standing miles beyond the most intricate, shiny, spectacular super-molecule invention ever run out by the material universe or those who serve it.

Awareness then is where you live when you are absolutely and unqualifiedly free. The restoration of its nature to itself is a reward of almost incalculable value. In a world devised for and by and of the mechanic and the solid, it is freedom and ability. In a world of lies it is the sole source of truth. Where the gravity of depravity drags life toward the sewer, awareness creates the sense of ethics, drive, courage and truthfulness which reminds us that we do not yet have to give up on the Great Experiment of living. For being all this, for what you have done AS awareness, and for seeking to return unto it, thank you.

# # #

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