Hope and Reality

'Thinking' about spirituality is sometimes a futile exercise when it is mis-perceived, itself, as spirituality. Spirituality is a complete integration of action, awareness, communication and having in the moment, at whatever level of operation. If it somehow represented as a purely conceptual activity it is not handling the game of life but is only thinking about it. In other words it is a facsimile of living rather than the real thing.

A successful businessman flushed with the triumph of a major deal closed which turns a rotten and harmful company into an ethical AND profitable one, providing honest and proud livelihood, exchange and better economics to people, is a consummate embodiment of spirituality at its best, and ten times the worth of a gaunt escapist examining pictures of Spirits from a cave on top of a mountain. Ethics, then, is a highly spiritual activity in the fullest and most APPLIED sense of the word. Non-applicable spirituality is a mess of pottage, not worth selling your soul for. If it isn't effective in some clearly experienceable way when put to use (and this is not limited to 'through bodies') then it isn't the real McCoy.

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