About the Quest

The quest is an energetic pursuit in which the hares and the hounds often change places and the poor horseman must needs gallop hither and yon switching vectors on short notice. But the quest remains the quest, and the consistency of Quest is, of course, in the questing.

This does not mean that there are not Answers. Demonstrably, there are. And the test of these answers is not only in the significance which they align -- phlogiston, after all, aligned a great deal of significance and yet was somehow a wrong answer -- but in the use to which it can be put.

What is the use of answers? One, of course, is to pose new questions. An answer is as useful as it evaluates known data and predicts the arrival of new.

Another is the real business of the quest: the rehabilitation of the knowing and thinking individual and, thereby, of the civilization for which he is responsible. It is to this end that this quest is generated. These discoveries, for the most part, have each been used to enhance individual living of life, some more successfully than others. If you, friend, are among those who have in some measure lived a better life because of them, you are welcomed, and with joy.

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