Why Isness Is That Way

The conditions of create, of counter-create, of altering what one sees and ignoring what one knows can be summed up as As-Is (instant creation without persistence) Alter-Is (creation and counter-creation of the creation as altered) and Not-Is (effort to reduce the apparency of an Isness by force). Of these the mysterious one is Isness -- the 'it IS' condition that tells you it is not a question of creation or belief or postulate but that SOMETHING IS THERE TO BE OBSERVED AND WHEN YOU HAVE STOPPED GOOFING AROUND AND LOOK IT SQUARELY IN THE EYE YOU WILL OBSERVE WHAT IS THERE TO BE OBSERVED. There is an interesting contrast between this doctrine and that of feeling what is there to be felt. One involves the already-established operation of perceiving, against a background of agreements that may be operating invisibly behind the scenes; the other, permeating with the un-modified quality of aware will which IS the individual.

A being is in a sense an Isness: it IS that way. One IS a being, of infinite dimension and capability. That is what is. There IS a building around you (if you are in a building) not because you think so but because there IS. You can walk into it. You can walk out of it. It IS-is-is-is! And the longer and harder you try to alter it's ising the more degraded YOU might feel because it demonstrates that you can't do so.

If you try to boil it away by beaming it with enlightened consciousness, it won't boil away. If you try to undo yourself as a being by discreating the belief, you still Is. You may have done away with a datum or an impression, but the Is of You still Is. This is the wing-dang dog-bone and monkey-wrench in the works of the being creating: Isness persists in it's is-ing and he can't just pull a chain and evaporate it.

He CAN evaporate it, but not by 'changing his mind'.

Because it isn't ISING in his MIND. It is ISING in a common matrix of AUTOMATICALLY RE-GENERATED EXISTENCE WHICH ISSITY-IS-IS! And the one thing we must not discover is that that matrix is something we Know Not. In other words we are Knowing-Not all about it at such a clip that we are dividing ourselves in half faster than the tornado turns -- from Knowing to Not-Knowing, bangety-bang, fast and hard. And the nasty part of it is that coming up on Not-Knowing from within is about as easy as running very fast in leather shoes -- on a frozen lake of ice. The more energy you pour into it the harder it gets. The faster you run the closer to the same place you end up. The exertion of ANY effort of attention is almost guaranteed to place you a little further away than where you exerted from. And coming anywhere close to the actual Not-Know is enough to place you in a field of complete blackness, which translates in experience as a sudden stroke of exhaustion and unconsciousness, of the sort that makes you take to your bed with a spinning dream world about to take over your identity at any moment.

One's own creation MUST be considered in the confronting of an isness. But it must not be SUBSTITUTED for a confront of the isness. It is to no avail to take an Isness and face it down with 'Aroint, you are my creation!'. Because if it is an Isness you are telling it unlike you are creating it, and that will take you only off the groove into the swamp of mixed half-truths we call the New Age (or Philosophy generally).

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