Social Inventions

Consciousness "among beings" is what we could call a social invention.

Beliefs are created which call into play "viewpoints", "locations in space", and interpositions of distance and time and energy between the points of "Know" we call consciousness.

This pattern of actions compounds, much like the subdivision of the world itself into nations, states, counties, townships, lots, parcels, houses, apartments, rooms, closets, and dark corners. These are the material forms of some social invention, but they are far less important than the genuine fabric that gives rise to the material form. The genuine fabric of social invention underlies all the forms and has two ingredients only:

Ability (the potential of creation on any plane) and
Reality (the construct of agreedbelief made to hold true by ability in communication with itself.)

Ability creates and experiences. Experience is a reflection to self (or among 'selves' of that which emanated from ability. From this level, social inventions decline into systems requiring solidity, energy, force and a loss of freedom in order to continue in play.

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