Considering one is located appears necessary in order to process information rationally. Some schools in fact assert that the whole power of a being is in his ability to hold a location or a position in space.

An interesting alternative is that one's power lies in his ability to be "everywhere nonexistent"permeating existence without wearing any encumbering mantles of time, location, or meaning. To insist on holding a location may be taking advantage of consciousnessascreation: considering "self" located requires the creation of a self. Then the creation of location. Then the assumption that not holding that location is possible, or that holding one location excludes holding others.

Nolocation and alllocations are close to each other. To depart from them to "a location" is a bit of a compromise.

If a being cannot manage the locations he moves among, it might be a great improvement to get all his space assembled in one place. It would give a good starting location.

The set of locations known as the material universe is a subset of the possible locations available to consciousness when creating one's own universe. The apparency is that one's own universe is a subset of the material universe. The set of locations available to consciousness is an infinite set because consciousness is capable of generating locations at will. And of having them be any distance apart, move or be still, etc.

Thus one could easily view Hong Kong and New York side by side should one choose; or Arcturus and Jupiter. Any complex of dimensions is possible with any combination of meanings. The key to this freedom is in liberating consciousness from any automatic identification with a located self.

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