A Moral

What one is going through is less interesting than what one is creating. They are the same but one is acknowledged, the other is disguised.

The staff/public, doctor/patient, student/professional dichotomies are all creator/experiencer.

The creator wears a toolbelt, or a brush and palette. The experiencer rolls in daubs of oil color, giggles over nails and drools over uncut lumber.

Harmony and balance -- the lesson of the experiencer, taught to the creator, is not to lose humor, levity, perspective. The experiencer stands to learn from the creator that Creation is a bamboozle, and he is his own bamboozler.

Definition: bamboozle v. The arbitrary election and development of significance ; the effort to convince others that it is not arbitrary.

n., the act of fooling (or attempting to) another that an arbitrary significance is somehow necessary or inherent to existence.

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