Sovereignty is the quality or authority of being independent and in charge of the conditions you live under.

Specifically the word is used here about legally and practically arranging your affairs in such a way that you ARE in charge of your life, that you are prepared for challenges to your freedom, and that you don't unwittingly sign yourself and your family away in virtual slavery.

Note that sovereignty carries with it responsibility. That is, if you take your life in your own hands you also take upon yourself to act responsibly and with integrity in regards to your own life, your family, your community, your fellow human beings and the planet as a whole.

4/24/2004: Note that this page has not been actively updated for a long time. Many of the links are unfortunately invalid now. However, it seems most useful to still keep it up, while we figure out a new format for keeping it current.

World Citizenship

World Government of World Citizens - for the global legitimization of human rights

Rights and Liberties

American Civil Liberties Union - ACLU Illinois.
Electronic Frontiers Foundation fights for liberties in cyberspace.
Computer Professonals for Social Responsibility
Human Rights Web - many resources.
Human Rights and Civil Liberties - Immigrant rights, Prisoner's rights.
U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights
Bill of No Rights by Greg McNeil.
Children's Bill of Rights
Prostitutes' Education Network - (15+) rights for sex workers.
Your rights and the police - by Elf Sternberg.
Newsgroup: soc.rights.human

United States State Citizenship

This information and these links concentrate on the conditions in the United States. Specifically on how one can become a Sovereign Citizen, also known as a State Citizen, a person for whom the majority of the morass of restrictive federal laws do not apply.

In short, the federal system in the U.S. is based on an assortment of frauds tricking people into giving up their rights as guaranteed in the Constitution. For one thing, the Constitution made clear that there should be no such thing as income tax. And indeed,you don't really have to pay tax. Income tax is voluntary. If you volunteer by signing in certain places, without knowing what the small print is, and you promise to pay tax, then and only then do you owe any tax.

Section 26 of the U.S. Code, which is the tax regulations, is not positive law. Meaning, it isn't really a law, but it used as such. At any rate, it only applies to employees of the government and residents of Washington D.C. And the 16th Amendment which supposedly introduced the income tax was never properly ratified. All income tax paid goes directly to the Federal Reserve Bank as a payment for the national debt. None of it goes to actually running the country. The Federal Reserve Bank is a privately owned company. The I.R.S. is not part of the United States Treasury. The Treasury Secretary has never properly transferred any power to the Commissioner of the I.R.S.

One can void one's agreement to be a subject of the federal U.S. and instead reclaim one's sovereign rights as a citizen of the state one lives in. That puts one outside the jurisdiction of most aspects of the federal system.

There are many practical considerations and potential problems connected with doing such a thing, and it is very unadvisable to do casually or without full examination of the issues. However, it is indeed an option one can pursue if one is willing to do the required legal study to figure out the clever intricacies of the situation.

Citizen's Forum - public access TV show. Large file archive.
The Republic of Texas
The Nation of Hawai'i
Social Contract - the contract most Americans have signed with the federal government without knowing it.
Sanctuary Christian Resource Center - information about the Washitaw Nation.
Cascadian Resource Center - (ftp) more hard hitting factoids.
Solutions Group - untaxing.
War and Emergency Powers of the U.S. - The U.S. has been in a state of national emergency since 1933.
The Buck Act Story - by Richard McDonald. About a crucial, but little known law from the 1940s.
The Buck Act Video - a video about the Buck Act.
Frog Farm FAQ - (140K) lots of info and references on how to operate as a sovereign Citizen.
Steps to Sovereignty - quick and dirty overview by Paul Campbell.
Natural Law and Natural Rights by James A. Donald.
Frog Farm gopher site: /pub/Politics/FrogFarm
Newsgroup: alt.society.sovereign

Information Sources

Information Sources - mailing addresses of various individuals and organizations offering state citizenship type of information.
Global Freedom - large site with many freedom oriented resources.
Perceptions Magazine - dedicated to the wholeness of life and sovereignty of the human being.
Perceptions Magazine - at Park Place Mall.
Laissez-Faire books - book reviews of libertararian books.
Liberty Magazine
Ask Thomas Jefferson - lots of great quotes

Freedom in Cyberspace

Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace
Electronic Freedom Interest Groups
The Freedom Forum
Electronic Frontiers Foundation fights for liberties in cyberspace.
New Civilization Network - people working for a better world.
Cyberpunk sites - the computer underground

Spiritual Perspectives

Spiritual Sovereignty - channeled by Lyssa Royal
Connecting Link - channeling and sovereignty information.

Personal Sovereignty / Self-Help

Transformational Processing

Political Activities

The Libertarian Party
Natural Law Party
Green Parties of North America
Jefferson Party
An Anarchy Home Page

Legal Matters

Thomas - legal resources.
Law Services - list of law resources available over the Internet.
The Seamless Website
Nolo Press' Self-Help Law Center
The complete U.S. tax code - see for yourself.
Fraud Information Center

Trusts, Off-shore Investment

Pure trusts, or, for business purposes, Unincorporated Business Organizations can provide extensive financial protection and privacy. The very rich and the multinational corporations have used this all along, but the methods are now becoming more easily available.

Entrepreneur Holdings - Customized business trusts.
Offshore Investment Magazine
Cayman Offshore Company Formation and Management
Intelligent tax planning for business people
Offshore Resources
Offshore & Privacy Club:

Countries, Communities, Tax-havens

Oceania - a proposed floating country.
Principality of Andorra
Cayman Islands

Privacy, Security, Information, Intelligence

Privacy Resources
Private Investigation - Michael Enlow, privacy, surveillance.
Open Source Solutions, Inc, - Security and Intelligence.
Cypherpunks mailing list.
Electronic Privacy Information Center mailing list.
PGP encryption information
A Basic Citizen's Electronic Freedom Guide
Newsgroup: alt.privacy


Lots is going on behind the scenes of government on our planet. Some of it you might believe, some of it you might not.

Freedom - Conspiracy, Control & ?????.
American Dissident Voices
The Underground Review - news they don't want you to see.
A-albionic Research - (50+) Ruling class conspiracies.
The Conspiracy Pages (25+)
Newsgroup: alt.conspiracy
Desert Rat - (100+) UFOs, Area 51.
Department of Conspiracy - a humorous waste of time.


Creative Self-employment
Build Freedom - Free Sovereign Individual. Freedom business networking

Survivalism and Self-Reliance

Sovereignty might have a good deal to do with having the means and knowledge for managing on one's own, and being able to live, if necessary, without the intricate system of dependencies of our modern society.

Preparedness Expo, Preparedness Journal
American Individual Magazine
The Gentle Survivalist - newsletter on holistic survival information.
Frugal Squirrel's Patriot and Survivalist Library
The Survivalist - preparing for emergencies.
Primitive living in Kentucky
Newsgroup: misc.survivalism
Newsgroup: rec.backcountry

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