Privacy Resources

Cypherpunks. Archives on cryptography and other privacy technologies. WWW, ftp

Electronic Frontier Foundation Archives. Archives on privacy, free speech, underground newsletters. ftp, gopher, WWW

Electronic Privacy Information Center. Includes back issues of EPIC Alert, privacy resources, legislation, and articles. WWW, gopher

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. WWW, E-mail, gopher, ftp, Telnet: (local> c teetot, login: privacy). BBS: 619-260-4670 (same login as telnet).

The Freedom Project: Files on free expression and privacy.

Glass Houses on the Information Highway: Who Needs Privacy? Web page on documents, groups and individuals on sides of privacy battles.

Data Surveillance and Information Privacy Web Page. Extensive materials on privacy of transaction materials and data matching.

UK Data Commissioner's Web page. Overview of UK Data Protection Act.

The Norwegian Data Inspectorate (Datatilsynet). Web page of Norway Privacy Commissioner. Mostly in Norwegian.

Swiss Data Protection Agency WWW page. In German, French and Italian.

Arge Daten. Web Site on Austrian Privacy. Mostly in German.

German Privacy Information from Humbalt University. Extensive collection of German data protection information. All in German.

List of Reliable Anonymous Remailers. Can also be obtained by fingering

Where to Get Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) FAQ or send mail to with the line SEND mpj/getpgp.asc