Unburdening is a list of keys that can be used to free up a general area that is confused or cloudy. E.g. "Work", "My life", or "Women". The unburdening list is a useful guideline to use in dialoguing about the subject. It might in itself resolve the subject, or it might bring more specific phenomena to light that can then be handled with more elaborate techniques.

Construct a question around each question. There are multiple ways of doing that. For example:

"Is anything known about __?"
"What do you know about __?"

Get as much as the client has to say about it. Repeat the question or ask it a different way to check if there is more. When the key appears complete or is no longer interesting, go on to the next one.

Continue until either the subject is resolved or we get hold of some more tangible piece of stuff that we can work on with a more direct technique.


- Practice Unburdening

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