Unblocking is a list of keys that are useful to use in dialoguing to free up some kind of positive direction. They give a list of meaningful questions that the facilitator can ask that will naturally unblock the area.

What we start with is a positive intention or ability or area of life that isn't succeeding. The positive direction should be at least loosely identified or labeled. The item should be positive or causative, not negative or effect. "A happy marriage" or at least "marriage" rather than "a failed marriage". "Financial security" rather than "bankruptcy". "Playing the piano" rather than "Inability to play". The keys on the list are mostly factors that might hold down a positive outcome.

The order is not particularly important.

Out of each key you construct a question. The exact wording depends a little bit on how the subject is addressed. It could be

"In regards to __ is there anything that you are holding back"

"Has anything been held back about __?"

"Are you holding yourself back concerning __?"

"Is somebody else holding something back about __?"

Get whatever the client has to say about it. Ask again as long as there are answers. Don't do it mechanically, you just need to get everything that is available. You can ask different versions of the question to cover all angles, or you can just ask:

"Is there anything else that is being held back about __?"

You can say it both in past tense or present tense. We are most interested in the present.

When one key is complete you go on to the next ones. Keys that don't seem interesting you just pass over quickly.

At any point along the way the subject might have been resolved and you would stop the questioning.

You might also uncover a more specific phenomenon that requires another technique. You might find that it really is an unwanted feeling and re-experiencing would be better. Or it is a polarity and polarity integration would be better. You would then switch to the appropriate technique. If the subject doesn't get resolved from that, you will come back and continue the list.

As mentioned, the way you word the unblocking questions depends on what you are working on and which angle seems most appropriate. But here is a sample, using the keys from above. It is just an example of one question for each to give you the idea:

"Is anything being held back about ___?"
"Are there any obstacles for ___ to happen?"
"What resources are available to use for ___?"
"What attempts are you making of ___?"
"Are you having any failures?"
"What would be the consequences of attaining ___?"
"Is anybody making judgments about ___?"
"Do you have any inhibitions concerning ___?"
"Are you obsessed with ___?"
"Are you making any mistakes concerning ___?"
"Do you have any anxiety about ___?"
"Are you being stopped from doing ___?"
"Is anything about ___ being ignored?"
"Is anything mis-understood about ___?"
"Has anything been changed about ___?"
"Are you suppressing anything about ___?"
"Is there anything hidden about ___?"
"Has anything been forgotten about ___?"
"Are you protesting anything about ___?"
"Are you missing anything about ___?"
"Are you accomplishing something with ___?"
"What are you learning from ___?"
"Do you have any agreements about ___?"


- Unblocking

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