The Real World

Through processing we hope to help people to perceive and live in the Real World.

The Real World does not consist of words or symbols. Anything you can say with words or symbols is NOT the Real World. You can not give any kind of precise statement about what the Real World IS. Whatever you can say, it isn't.

The Real World is not made of anything in the past. Anything you might remember is NOT the Real World. No memory will tell you what is going on in the Real World. No matter what you have studied, what you have learned, what you have figured out, none of it is the Real World.

The Real World is not made of anything in the future. Whatever you might hope, dream or desire to happen or to possess, it isn't the Real World.

The Real World is what is there, right now. Equating it to words, or to memories or hopes only dilutes it. It needs to be PERCEIVED. Particularly it needs to be FELT.

The Real World is primary experience. Anything you might think or feel ABOUT it is not it. Reactions and responses to the experience is not the experience, those are secondary.

There is nothing WRONG with the Real World. It contains what is put into it this moment. It is not right or wrong. If something is wrong with it, it isn't the Real World. The world where things are "wrong" is the illusory world of aberration.

The Real World is fluid and moldable. It is always in motion. Anything that is fixed is not in the Real World. It is a continuous dynamic reflection of what is put into it. The only way of changing it is by first taking responsibility for what is in it. Denial doesn't change the Real World. But if you perceive the Real World AS IT IS, you can also change it to anything else you are willing to perceive.

Mass media and education in our society are mostly presenting a fake world that doesn't exist. They present you with a distorted, stylized facsimile of 1% of reality, and try to trick you into believing that this is what is real. And that anything that doesn't fit with the previously issued distorted facsimile could not be real. It is a clever trick, but really it is a trick that you are playing on yourself. Pretending that facsimiles and symbols of things is what is real, and reality itself is fantasy. That is quite an amusing trick, actually. At least for a while. The time has now come to undo it.

If there is any one thing that it is most worth doing for somebody, it is to show them that there is a world beyond the facsimiles in their mind. The Real World.


- Illustrate or demonstrate the difference between facsimiles and perceptions.

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