We are not in the business of getting rid of things, even though it might sometimes appear like it. Clearing is not a technology for removing things you don't want. It is a technology for change. It is meant to transform your world, not get rid of it.

One of the most fundamental basics of transformational processing is that the person is creating her own reality. Whatever is in her mind or in her life is there because she is putting it there. She is responsible for things being the way they are. If she wants things changed, we need to find out how she is making them the way they are, and then they can change into something else that she would rather have.

Humans generally have sub-conscious, or unconscious minds. That is where one is putting all the stuff that one is pretending one is not creating. It is all just as fully the responsibility of the person. It just so happens that she is choosing to believe that it doesn't really exist, or it doesn't have anything to do with her. She is free to believe that. However, if she wants to change something, she is going to have to take responsibility for it first.

What we do with processing is basically that we bring something out of the sub-conscious realm, we get the person to examine it and realize that she is cause over it, we transform it into what she would like it to be, and we put it back.

The client does not necessarily see it like that when she walks in. Most clients walk in asking to get rid of something. They don't know yet that they are asking to lose a part of themselves. Don't get into an argument about it, but never lose track of your own basic data. Never buy into the story about the client being the unfortunate victim of something she needs to get rid of.

The person creates her whole world. There is no "elsewhere" to throw things away to.

You can transform things, you can integrate them, you can make them appear different. But, if you attempt to push things away and get rid of them you are only denying what you are creating.

The apparency of something disappearing comes about because after a successful clearing process the original situation is not there anymore. That is not because it was gotten rid of, but because it was changed into something better.

What we are "getting rid of" is misunderstandings, mix-ups, blindness, unawareness, confusion, etc. But those are not "things", they are not a substance that we are carting away. They are phenomena indicating a certain state of affairs. Once we transform the way the person is creating things, then different phenomena will appear.

Clearing is much more simple if you understand this. You will get better, more permanent results, and you will truly be of value to your clients.

We don't get rid of anything

- We transform it


- Write down some issues you had in your life that you changed into resources after resolving them.

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