Loaded Areas

For a given person there will be subjects that have more potential for change than others. That will generally be the areas that she has a lot of attention on, but that aren't working the way she want them. Areas of problems, conflicts, friction, frustration, failures, and so forth.

If an area particularly has built-up, unresolved energy we can say that it is "loaded". That means that it is charged up with the weight of unresolved stuff. It has some use to regard it as an electrical phenomenon. There is energy that hasn't and isn't allowed to flow, and therefore it builds up into an accumulation of charge. Since that charge is there, there is of course a potential for discharging it. And discharging it will not only get things to flow again, but will also provide ample opportunity for learning something from whatever it was.

In terms of processing efficiency there are generally more results to gain in the least time by finding and addressing loaded areas than by just haphazardly taking up anything. If you want to make a hydroelectric plant you are probably better off finding a big lake up high than by going around looking at water holes. Go where the potential is.

Beyond just looking at it as an energy potential, we can address the target matter of clearing as actual lumps of frozen energy. A perceptive individual or a clairvoyant person can often perceive accumulations of energy in the person's space, or in the body. They might appear as black or heavy, or there might be more details to them. And they would represent something that hasn't been resolved or communicated, some traumatic incident of the past, a loss, bad feelings, or whatever. Just in casual interaction between people one will inevitably transfer energies back and forth, and if some of those stick, they might appear as dense accumulations around the body. The role of clearing in this regard would be to find these areas, discover what they are about, and make them flow rather than stand still.

A facilitator might regard these things more or less materially. Most transformational processing lean in the direction of just addressing what the person is doing, or how she is being cause. Energy phenomena, accumulated charges and so forth are more in the realm of the effects that are being caused by the person through not dealing with things. That can make them an important lead towards what the underlying issue is. If energy is being accumulated something is not being dealt with, so we would want to bring that to light and get the person to take responsibility for it. And then the energies will flow again.

Perceiving energy accumulations is often a more reliable lead than whatever the person is thinking or saying. But it all depends on the facilitator's and the client's preferences and abilities how we address things. Our first target is still to find loaded areas and resolve them.

Finding loaded areas doesn't really require any extra-sensory perceptions. For that matter, it is extra-ordinarily simple with new clients. They simply come in and tell you what they have attention on, and that is the loaded area. The hard part is not finding the area, but finding what is going on in it or behind it.

As we clear up the main areas that the person is aware of it might take more of a trick to locate loaded areas. The person might not blurt them out right away. Then it will be more up to the facilitator to ask the right questions to elicit some hidden loaded areas that can then addressed.

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