Processing is used here as a generic term covering a class of techniques and practices applied to personal improvement. It might be practiced under other names such as Viewing, Clearing, Processing, Counseling, Therapy, or under particular "brand" names belonging to various organizations. The facilitators might be called Clearing Practitioners, Clearers, Eductors, Counselors, Therapists, Communicators, or whatever.

This course teaches processing in certain ways that are found to be most useful by the author. However, this does not imply that it is the only way of teaching processing. Other methods and presentations might be equally valid.

No matter what school of processing we are talking about there will be a certain basic common denominator that defines what processing is. It would roughly be something like this:

"The systematic application of techniques that without judgment direct a person to resolve non-optimum mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of her life and thereby achieve increased awareness, ability, and freedom."

It could be worded in different ways, but regardless, what sets processing apart from other practices are several of the elements mentioned above.

Processing is systematic. We use a system of techniques, it is not based on chance or on blind guesswork. All the rules can be explained and understood.

Processing is directive. We don't let a client just flounder about by herself, the facilitator will direct her to look at things or to do specific things.

Processing is non-judgmental. We don't give the client judgments about her reality or viewpoints. We give her a safe space in which she is free to present her issues without any evaluation of whether they are good or bad, right or wrong. We don't give her the answers she is supposed to arrive at about herself, we let her get her own realizations.

We should help the client resolve things. We shouldn't impose new mental restrictions and barriers on her.

Increased awareness, ability, and freedom is what we are after. We wish to increase the client's power of choice. Practices that decrease or restrict these things aren't valid processing.
Here is another definition of Processing:

A gradual process of increasing the awareness and ability of a being. Communication processes that direct a person's attention to areas of limitation and resolves them.


- Enact a demonstration showing what processing is.

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