Transformational Processing

This is an instruction manual in Transformational Processing.

"Transformational" relates to that we are aiming for change, for the better.
"Processing" is an activity of change; working with something and thereby making it different.

Transformational Processing is the activity of getting people to change the way they relate to the world. This is done by finding out how they represent and structure the world, and changing the representation to one that is more optimum for them. It is understood and implied that the only change being sought is that which is beneficial for the person and which is within the integrity of that individual as a whole.

Transformational Processing can be divided into three categories of activity:

Discovery is the activity of finding out what is there, uncovering the individual's representation of the world. It is also the process of finding out who you really are and what kinds of perceptions and knowledge are available to you.

Clearing is the activity of identifying and neutralizing extraneous, misplaced, or mis-aligned representations. In part that involves finding the "wrong" answers in the person's mind, patterns that have been installed without being fully aligned with the intentions of the person. Mostly this is material that is in an inappropriate context. The solution is to return everything to its proper context.

Programming is the activity of directly setting up the representations of the world that serve the person best. It is putting emphasis on what the person really wants and putting more of that into her reality. Strengthening the traits and abilities that the person desires to have.

A great number of procedures and techniques from many different sources are available to accomplish these aims. This manual teaches a group of techniques that work well together and that are useful for addressing the issues of individuals seeking you out in your practice.

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