Money Abundance

This is a very useful and easy technique aiding the recovery of a person's ability to have or not have things at will. It consists simply of creating some stuff and alternately pulling it in towards her or throwing it away.

This can be done on a specific subject, like money, or more in general. We could have her create different types of money, make copies of them, solidify them together, get comfortable with pulling them into her body, then create some more, and then have it disappear away from her in various inventive ways.

"Make a penny"
"Make a copy of it"
"Make another copy of it" (until she has 5 to 15 copies)
"Gather them all together"
"Now pull them into your body"
"Make a 10 dollar bill"
"Make a copy of it"
"Make a copy of it", "and another", "and another" ..
"Gather them all together"
"Throw them away and have them disappear in the distance"
"Now, make a gold bar"

This is done until the client's sense of abundance has increased and she is willing to have the stuff or let it disappear. If it was money, she should be able to create a million dollars and have it blow away in the wind, knowing that she can just create some more.


- Money abundance technique

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