Section 9: Imagination Processing

There is a whole group of techniques that involve that the person creates or changes things directly in her own inner universe. She visualizes or invents stuff in her mind, or she changes the perceptual qualities of what is already there.

Here we address the person completely as cause. We don't just work towards her being cause, we assume that she already is the direct cause. Since we are working with apparently imaginary stuff in her mind, the client will not have a very hard time going along with that.

Really, anything that we can create or modify within the space of her mind can and will transfer into her life quite readily. But working with visualizations just seems like child's play, not as serious as "real" life. The truth of the matter is that it is just as real, or more real. The person's outer reality is a reflection of what they create for themselves in their own inner universe. We don't have to argue that point for imagination processing to work, though.

The basic form of imagination processing is simply to have the person create, change, and destroy stuff in her mind relating to the subject we want to work on. If she has a problem with her boss, we can have her create a copy of the boss. We can have her change her hairstyle, give her a funny hat on and a red nose. We can have her explode into a million pieces and then be put together again. She can make multiple copies, have them marching around with a silly grin, put them all into a little box, and have the box be lost in the mail. Anything you can imagine. The key is to exercise one's ability to be cause, to create, change, and destroy the object of the process.

Often one has trouble imagining things one would have trouble with in one's daily life. A bald man will have a hard time visualizing his head with hair, a shy person will have trouble visualizing being outgoing and social, somebody with poor eyesight will have trouble visualizing things clearly. In imagination processing we will have them do exactly what it is they say they can't do. We will do that on a gradient, doing it a little bit a first, and then more, and more. We can have the bald man visualizing one hair on his head, or we can give him green hair, or straw for hair, or something. Regaining the ability to imagine what one wants will change the external reality and start attracting what one wants.

If one obsessively holds on to something, it can be very useful to create it and waste it. If the client is worried about her car, we will have her create more cars and destroy them in inventive ways. We will have them explode and be blown away in the wind. And then we just create some more and have them be destroyed. This will expand her sense of space and turn scarcity into abundance.

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