Spiritual Ladders and Other Devices

You can climb the ladder of awareness on several sides or facets. Then you can argue with those who communicate to you from other facets as to which side is better.

One side is understanding, which has its uses. Getting a frame of concepts for seeing how things hang together -- such as understanding, for example, that cutting apart someone's power to communicate will tend to sadden and depress them -- helps navigate through the fetid bayous of rhetoric, intentional and unconscious.

Another path is through feeling, which one can also learn to navigate. Thus one finds himself finding his way among the dank tides of indifference and into the clearer waters of interest even unto the warm currents of the stream of enthusiasm. One learns the ebbs, the flows and the intricate turns of many spiritual climates, simply by allowing his sense of feel to lead his attention.

A third way is the power of creation. Here one is constantly at home. No matter the vagaries of light and shadow, warmth or chill, hardnesses and softnesses, one discovers his own creative impulse in every rock, flake, bright or bitter flavor encountered. Then one directs his streams of creative energy toward preferred realities.

An adjunct to all of these is the mastery of passion. One could simply learn the one lesson of Falu Eyre -- do what you do with passion or do not bother -- and from that proceed to live a full life.

That may embrace all of the above. They are all worth knowing.

None of this calls into play the work of gods, mediums, spirits other than Thou, or channels other than those you operate yourself. No crystals, techniques, consultants need apply. The very source of all you survey and all you strive toward and away from is within the Great Surveyor that is Thou. No god could match you for sheer fiery creative talent, no matter how you bottle it up in this lifetime. Even your creations of omnipotent Gods demonstrates your own omnipotence clearly.

Would life be simpler knowing your own joy in creation is the entirety of experience? It is.

# # #

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