Truer Ethics

Violence is a highly accelerated measure of form. To bring out gentle petals the tendrils, the cells, are torn, explode and bleed in the violence of growth. In the relentless attack, cold stone surrenders its tight bonds and cracks open, and the invading tendril rolls on to the sun, like Patton's Army bound for Berlin. Consider the violence done by this innocent weed, insisting that a sidewalk make way for it. Does the flower justify?

Thus ethics is not a talisman against confusion or even violence. When the uninhibited clarity of Creative Will invades the dark fester of denial, chaos of changes appears and then, ultimately, yields to the imposed harmony of creativity at its best.

Ethics is the call of the driven light to the driving leaf, for lunch on the Galaxy, for an Axis against very Space and Mayhem on Time. Stand in comfort facing random motion and change so that you will still be there when the dust settles, and enjoy the sunrise.

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