Data Among Peers

When one is identified with a creation involving limits such as are normal to human existence, one finds the need for analysis and data as an adjunct to communicating and managing reality. This is a byproduct of resistance also, but in a different way.

Being an "Individual" amongst other individuals is a resistance to being God. Since one is derived from Aware through a series of beliefs and limitations, resisting being God is resistance to one's own higher quality.

But regardless, one creates a multiplicity of identities, and then labels them "self" and "otherthanself", and proceeds to manage the interplay among them. Thus comes about markets, production, sales, love, sex and marriage, and all the woes that flesh is heir to.

This condition calls for data, and the use of data as an interchange representing reality to limited viewpoints not directly connected with the reality one is communicating. This is a lie, of course, but a mighty popular one. Thus headquarters faxes data to the branch office advising them of the results of a policy decision, and the "individuals" at the Oshkosh branch bitch and moan about what HQ is doing to them, or worry about secret communications amongst remote executives, or plan how to better "contact" the "individuals" in their "market".

Consciousness stepping outside the limits imposed by "individuality" is capable of being the executive meeting, the market and the product, as well as the fax machine and wires and the spaces in between. But doing this requires an advanced freedom to feel or sense directly. And this in turn requires the freedom to identify with things and unidentify with them at will. This suggests the process "Point out some things from which you are separate". Or better, "find something from which you are separate and identify with it" "find something you are identified with and separate from it". (Get your impression of something you are and separate from it). Done for a while this would bring about freedom to identify or not identify at will. Then one could set about identifying with any range of reality one cared to know.

In the absence of such spiritual powers, one is stuck with the task of dealing with data. Analysis of information is something that has been around a long time. But there is a mode of metaanalysis that accelerates competency in this vein.

The advice to the exploring soul is simple. Let go all data. Feel the energy that is creating the data, including the viewpoint that is being used to generate the data from (the identity or beingness which puts out the reality). Be that identity and, if you prefer, un-create it. If it persists, ask what beliefs would have to exist for this identity to exist. Uncreate those beliefs.

L'Chaim and Mazeltov!

# # #

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