Analysis and Consciousness

Analysis is an effort to bring into alignment the bits of perception that have been crystallized into data. Data are representations of perception; they are not perception. As such an effort to bring them into alignment is a secondary effort.

When one is capable of broad perception directly, analysis is unnecessary, since personal certainty is present. Wrongness and rightness are left behind; an ongoing flow of certainty, creation, experience repeating itself is the state of consciousness in full operation.

Data comes into play under two circumstances. The first is in the playing of a life game in which a limited identity is assumed, which then also needs to communicate to comparable identities in order to achieve the interplay of a group of some sort -- a society, a professional field, a club, a company, an office. When these conditions exist the interjection of data seems to be necessary because one has agreed to the limitations of separate consciousness.

Data becomes necessary, secondly, when limitation outweighs intention -- that is when secondary considerations add up to the point where one's goals and intentions are stopped by one's own counter creations, to the point where certainty appears to be impossible.

One creates himself as a generator of intention (I want to have/do/be_______). One simultaneously creates himself as incapable of seeing clearly where the confusion around one is coming from. At this point, unless one can shift into quality feeling and perceiving mode, one needs to use data as a sort of guideline to "find" one's way.

Data used in this manner are useful to the degree that they steer one to discovery, and reestablish direct perception. This can happen in different ways.

For example, one can align one's experience against a new datum such as "critical feelings stem from one's own acts against others". One can then seek to align one's own critical feelings and one's own acts against others until one discovers something like "Aha! I felt responsible for allowing the office door to be left open before the files were stolen!" as an explanation for feeling critical toward the security officer, the building manager, the director of personnel, the thief, and God for allowing this to happen.

The data aligns, but this is entirely secondary. The major change is the rediscovery of creation and experience.

In other words one has used the data to guide one's awareness into an area where conclusive ignorance was at play, and one has recontacted the force in one's own creative motion which was being used against oneself.
It is far easier and less confusing to simply feel the force one is exercising and explore it that way. The data (time, place, event) that shows up when one is doing it is a byproduct of the resistance to experiencing the authorship of the force. RESISTANCE PRODUCES PICTURES, IMAGES, AND DATA. Resistance to life produces a head full of pictures of life. Resistance to the physical universe produces a soul enmeshed in images and patterns of physical universe phenomena.

Carried to an extreme this produces a consciousness which believes it is made of physical forces, a sort of spiritual electronics major. These often end up studying psychology in order to understand all this forceandimage they find themselves wrapped up in. Unfortunately they also attribute forces and data of a material sort to psychology, producing texts on behavior modification and neural programming; they force themselves into an image of a brain as the whole of consciousness. The source of the of the whole phenomenon is their resistance to the experiences they are creating.

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