S A C R E D Reality

The sacred solidity! The endurance, repetition, invincible massiveness and unreachable size of the material universe are all pieces of a conviction which must be filtered through a nervous system to be convincing.

There is the key question -- is it beneficial, in some broad sense, to invite the man in the cave to undergo the trial of disillusionment? We have always believed so. Glamorous, feisty, arbitrarily ethical, to call the souls out of their enmeshed pictures for a newer look.

To do so unsettles, confuses, stirs up the back corners of encrusted denial in the unswept kitchen of the heart. No mistress wants to face her yearold spilled grease, her cockroach nest, her mouse haven in the recesses of her all electric home.

The moment she or he touches the wavelength of perception separate from the 60cycle hum of the brain's message center, a reality shock can occur. Alternatively, a freeing, growing, opening sweeter than spring breezes can occur. It depends on the degree of addiction.

There are certainly certain core beliefs that produce this addiction, postulated sets of certainty which have overlain like the alternating layers of dust and oil which grow whiskers behind the kitchen stove.

What must one believe in order to be so addicted?

That he cannot exist without 'it'. That reality must align with 'it' or there is great danger; that the motion and space which exists outside of that range is terrifying, nauseating, sickening, awful in the extreme; that the only sanity is the sanity of agreement; that the risk of being sent to Coventry by one's fellow universeinmates is enough to cause insanity and cold sweat. Perhaps that one dare not defy the authorities because one has learned the incredible perils of messing with "the Man".

There is also another side. Half the population of the world, probably, believes in their hearts that they are on the dodge from the powers that control the universe. At some level they have concluded they are criminal, wanted for evil, for breathing, committing, eating and spreading evil; that they are secretly contaminated by the powers of Satan, or whoever that guy was. With this little black worm in their minds, they are either wrestling with the desire to perpetrate harm, or are desperately maintaining a low profile, seeking no more than the small theater of normal,
agreedon life, so that they can not be discovered.

So, for whatever reason, the view from outside is not always a popular one. Not everyone has the courage to explore.

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