Knowing and Unknowing

The belief that one does not know embroiders every creation. At that point, expanding one's awareness further seems useless because one doesn't know and there's no way to tell.

Unknowing can be resolved in two ways. One is to elect things which are unknown, naming them and then choosing 'something to know' which solves that. This is Western engineering, science, and such -- pose and resolve the problem. Liability: the election of arbitrary forms of knowledge which are at variance with preexisting conditions, as in Christian organization. The 'cognitive dissonance' between the prior unknowingness and the arbitrarily elected knowing sets up a solidification caused by a kind of collision of energies. This is something like two flows of hot lava colliding and forming a solid ridge of suspended motion.

Another way: uncreate the belief in unknowing and be willing to experience what comes up next.

This is the path of exploration, love of creation, and a deep and still Faith in the ways of AllThatIs. It is also a willingness to Duplicate Existence, to mirror perfectly, and to be anything and everything. It is therefore spiritually higher.

But because technology on a material level is predicated on forced change, it is not the path of technology, which is the engineering path. "Effective above all" is the name of the engineering path; "Knowing above all" is the alternative. Of course the two join in magic, where the purest form of knowing gives birth, ineluctably, to the effects one prefers.

That is the joke. The goal of the changeling arts can be achieved by perfection of that which changeth not. But this is a far haul for a civilization deeply committed to the freedom of the mind only within the cage of material belief represented by this culture.

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