End Words

There really is not an end to this communication; like a radio pulse fleeing through a nearvacuum of interstellar space it goes on and on.

The space it has gone into is nowhere near vacuum, but it is also permeated with a zeroresistance 'ether' -- the delightful raw substance of your own knowing. So the laws of entropy don't amount to much here. In the continuous creation that is You to the limits of imagination, entropy is a sad-sack third-rate notion indeed.

In the ongoing generation of all your imaginings, knowing, being and doings, you outshine it, as the sun does a glowworm.

I am grateful for the opportunity to briefly interrupt, and I've said my say for the moment. Please, continue.

# # #

May the sum of all wisdom find itself with you,

in whatever identity you choose to prefer;

and may the joy of unlimited


be always at your shoulder.

# # #

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