Master's Horses

In the sea of Form and Forces
Where the sands of Ground reside
Where the endless data rivers
Feed the endless morning tide;
Here the shore, Consideration,
There the rocks of Deep Assumption
By the Bays of True Believing
At the deltas of Intention;
Listen to the master's horses
Pounding on, the sea beside.

Theirs the heart, and wind, the spirit
Powering the fearsome stride
On they gallop, over beaches
Reaching with their deep lungs heaving,
With their reaching faces breathing
Deep the sea-air thick around them,
Reaching, reaching, striding, running
Where the sands of Ground reside,
Pounding on, the sea beside.

This may be doggerel about horserel but there is a knot of some truth in it; the wise heart is the master of the life. The courage to reach for and change the forces of existence is your heritage, guided by such a heart. Listen truly to it and you get to own the horses, and ride the wild sea besides.

# # #

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