Scientific Comparisons

Take a group of six individuals and place them on a Florida beach, in the presence of a stunning sunrise.

Assume for a moment that each of them perceives the sunrise in the same way; assume further that for each of them the sunrise in itself fulfills the definition of dramatic natural beauty. In other words, assume they each at bottom and without additional filters would perceive the dramatic natural beauty of the sunrise.

Given these assumptions, we can design six entirely separate cases in which the different filters of rudiments and locks, secondary and primary engrams, service facsimiles, and conclusive ignorance (notisness) play in the mind sets of each. These interrupts to the basic process of perceiving beauty can be taken in graded levels: light analytical (e.g., false data), minor associative, full lock, loss, unconsciousness, computation, with major tone levels manifesting in each case.

The case study, deftly done, would reveal a full-spectrum (within human range) model of the twists, fights, push-mes and pullyous, temporal vortexes and so forth that make up the human version of a moment in time.

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