New Process

A research report exists in which an individual was processed over a telephone with a repeating command to mock up a sphere of expanding energy, expand it out to the outermost limits of the (universe, galaxy, etc.) and then mock it up contracting down to the center of the body. This was calmly repeated until a major change of case occurred including relief from a critically painful migraine.

The creation of space by expanding radius can also be used in any part of the condensed space we walk around with surrounding the body (and including it). A somatic center, body part, or the whole space one 'has' can be grown larger and then shrunk to its center. This will often reveal creations that have been condensed into the compressed space, open communications left long dead, and restore causation over areas. It is done by gently and persistently creating a sphere of energy, expanding it out to the limits of which one is capable, and then reversing the process. Colors can be used with interesting effect. Occasionally scenes and beings long abandoned will rematerialize. Continuing the process to a result is the keynote.

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