Why Not To Tell The Truth

Data reflects exact time place form and event which includes the exact event of creation. The event of creation includes in its nature two layers, possibly three: original perception of exact event; overlay either analytical (expected forms, imposed systems of reason/reality) and reactive (substitute images and contortions). The third layer is one of judgments which prevents the simplicity of direct perception and brings opinion to bear with the usual consequences of persistency, over-association between time-bundles, collapsed differences and solidification.

In the presence of these layers the upper layer of exact time, place, form and event and authorship i(Layer A) is occluded to a degree by the good-bad resist-desire judgments about it (Layer B) bringing in to play identifications with other times, other data, imposed connections and their concurrent resist/desire packages, and the false-image overlays which overdoing any desire/resist combination brings about (Layer C). Telling the truth (Layer A) to someone at Layer C reality who has no channels of address through the intermediate layer will not bring about understanding (awareness of truth). Instead it will bring about restimulation of dichotomy, split attention, dual-mindedness, non-integration, hypocrisy, and the feelings of shame, blame, regret and doubt which accompany those things; in extreme cases these can manifest as pronounced exhaustion, grief without referent, and nausea. Avoiding the experience of these is a major effort on the part of the individual since they depart from any appearance of rationality (which is why some relief is available from Primal Scream and psychodrama).

Therefore the monitoring consideration of truth-telling must include the nature of experience being created. A truth which stretches the envelope, raises the confront or increases the awareness within acceptable limits is a help. (One which can be experienced by the individual comfortably).

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