Agreement and Real-Time Responsibility Diffraction

The keynote of reduction in individual responsibility is the creation of impressions of others, by self. Self endows the creations of others with Cause, and endows self-image with effect. Having done this, Self retreats into the image of self and knows that others are responsible for the situation.

But there is a clever interlock which prevents this system of responsibility-diffraction from being viewed as-is. It lies in the construct that reality is a composite of agreements. Because this is a little truer than the apparency that reality just is on its own, it serves as an enlightening concept. It seems closer to truth, closer to the honest mechanisms with which we have descended on our trail into these caverns of apparent materiality.

BUT, this truth can be called out in the service of the falsehood of diffracted, distributed responsibility. In other words, you can take the truth that reality is agreement-driven, and use that mechanism to justify handing off your share of reality to those you created as agreement-sharers. If you simply step back for a moment and examine the provenance of those impressions of 'others' you can discover something interesting.

If you create others as bad-source of your unwanted effects you are not only doing yourself a disservice (by denying your own responsibility) but you are creating a rather uncomplimentary mockup of others. One they will be obliged because of their persistent underlying goodness to resist.

Plus, making others up and then bouncing blame off them is more work than simply taking on your own responsibility. The world is a reflection of you, and if you live in a world that does not know that to be so, then that world is a reflection of you. It will show you exactly what you have created it to show you, both of yourself and of others.

In wisdom, you can recognize that in agreements between copies of beings lies the provenance of reality. But only as Source can you transcend that observation and fulfill your own ultimate nature. Let it be so.

# # #

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