Copies and Crossing Over

The curiousest thing happens when you start appreciating the realm of created awareness in its many forms. You begin to notice that more and more of what looks like physical universe structure and solidity is actually malleable, built out of agreement between multiple points of view.

These multiple points of view, with their inclusions of "long duration" "continuous time" and "things being the way they ARE" bring about a solidity to our continuum which keeps us well-centered at the core of the physical universe with its wonderful fairy-land collection of Knowns and Unknowns.

How is this?

The core of it is in two facts: that Beings Copy Beings, and that Beings Copy Energy. The energies may be emotion, pictures or conceptual thoughts, or physical energies such as gestures and expressions, sounds, or forces used by another on oneself. Beings, in short, do LOTS of copying.

An endless Consciousness, creating a bubble of belief to view from, thereby has an identity. As that identity it can look out and observe the products of other viewpoints and, in a higher frequency band, the identities of those viewpoints and the viewpoints themselves.

It can copy these items wholesale and incorporate them into its own viewpoint, while they exchange favors by duplicating across to their end of apparent space what they see happening over "there". Since within and without are alike considerations, the copies are not Truth but an alteration, and as such they accrue inertial mass and persistence to themselves.

This persistency multiplies and is regenerated with every broadcast of attention intersecting with every other broadcast or perception based on that broadcast of attention.. And, being faithful copies of the original, the copies themselves also broadcast. Eventually a maelstrom of impression, all containing enduring permanence and solidity, adds up to an actual experience. The moment you recognize the multiple layers of broadcasters copying broadcasters, the thing gets very thin indeed..

# # #

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