An 'interlock' is a peculiar mechanical or electronic device which prevents two things from happening at the same time or prevents them from happening independently. An interlock might make it impossible to start your car if it was in gear; or it might make it mandatory to depress the clutch in order to start the starter motor. It says 'No A without B' or it say ' No A if B'. Either way it locks in two systems that could be independent but which for some reason are considered necessary to lock together. In these examples the rationale, of course, is to prevent accidents stemming from failures in individual responsibility by reducing individual choices (such as starting the motor in gear).

The consciousness with which we mutually maintain realities is interestingly interlocked. Each Author subscribes to a large number of 'devices' (circuits in consciousness) which make it mandatory that certain things must go together or may not go together.

For example, it is common to find an interlock which prohibits the accumulation of great wealth without injustice; the exceptions exist in the realm of great talent such as Edison, or Joe Namath. But consider that the talents of Simon Bolivar and Nikolai Tesla alike led them to paupers' graves. Lee Iacocca, as a representative of a peculiar mix of talent and injustice, bears witness to the same mechanism in a different balance.

The point is that it useful to identify this class of automaticity called an interlock. Often they have a sort of thought or significance to them such as 'the way it is'. 'What people are like...'. 'How things are...' 'This is how it works...'. 'Doctors don't know how to ...'. 'They would say...'. Also under this heading is the 'license to survive' syndrome by which we can accept greatness in any dimension only if we are given permission for it by reason of what another or others allow; but self-definition is considered somehow embarrassing, presumptuous, criminal or a form of hubris.

The fundamental is concepts with which you must agree. Especially because they are generally held, these concepts are 'regulatory'. They serve much like a voltage regulator between the unlimited spiritual power which you could bring to bear, and the physical universe, which is thin and fragile and could not stand to have its tender fabric exposed to more than a small percentage of your potential. So the peaks and valleys of your potential power are 'filtered out' by the psychic equivalent of capacitors and resistors and inductors.

In electrical power the voltage coming in must first be transformed to an acceptable range, usually done with inductors and transformers; then it must be rectified so it is direct current. Then it gets filtered so it doesn't ripple too much. Then it gets regulated so it stays at the correct level regardless of the load attached to it. Similar sequences of rectification are exercised by our own inventions of mind in order to ensure that we are not too creative, too energetic, too keen at seeing through the comfortable denials we hold collectively to be essential to our mediocre existence.

Tear them out and splay upon the world the full scope of your un-trammeled, un-transformed, un-rectified power. The idea that you will cause harm is a lie used to enforce rectification upon you. You have in your heart more goodness and wisdom than have ever been counted in history books. Use it without hindrance. You are free. Your only obligation is to never allow yourself to be small again.

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